The first datacenter total control system that makes it easy to manage stateful, distributed apps.

Run dockerized apps and manage hardware like one giant, efficient computer. Supergiant makes it easy to deploy faster and reduce hardware expenses.

Deprication Warning!

The Supergiant project (server, dashboard, API) has merged into one central repository. This documentation supports the first release of Supergiant and is planned for deprication.

Please follow Supergiant on Github for updates.

Documentation Table of Contents

  • This README file is the index for the browsable documentation
  • The Community section contains guidelines for interactions, Code of Conduct, where and how to report issues, etc.
  • The Start Here section contains tutorials and primers for high-level concepts
  • The Supergiant CLI Reference is the manual for the Command Line Interface
  • See Agreements for contributor license agreements
  • The FAQ is for questions we get not infrequently
  • The Troubleshooting section section contains quick solutions for often-incurred problems
  • The Glossary is a auto-linked index of Supergiant domain terms used throughout this documentation

Core Supergiant Repositories

All Supergiant open-source repos are hosted on GitHub. These are:

Contribute to Supergiant

We are very grateful of any contribution.

All Supergiant projects require familiarization with our Community and our Contribution Guidelines. Please see these links for how to get started.