Supergiant Contribution Guidelines

On Collaboration

Supergiant is an open-source project, which means we not only invite you to download and make use of our software, we also want you to collaborate on any thing you find useful or that could be improved. Together, we will learn more from each other and do greater things.

We view any helpful interaction as a collaborative contribution, so collaboration can take many forms:

  • a new GitHub Issue
  • a social media comment
  • a GitHub feature Pull Request
  • a Slack channel interaction

Code of Conduct

At a minimum we expect our community to follow our Supergiant Community Code of Conduct.

When you interact, this isn't us and you; when you have a thought about this project, you are part of us, too, so we're going to try to make the process of giving feedback as welcoming as possible. Please do the same for all.

GitHub Issues Contributions

Bugs or annoyances are reported via GitHub Issues. Please follow the steps for healthy interaction in our GitHub Issues Guidelines.

Code Contributions

How to become a code contributor

Thank you for wanting to contribute to Supergiant. See Agreements for instructions to become a code contributor.

How to Submit a Code Change

The process we try to follow for contributions is this:

  • Fork the repository
  • Commit your changes to a feature branch
  • Submit a pull request

We prefer a blog post style commit in this format:

  • The first line should be 50 characters
  • The commit should have a body that contains an explanation why this commit is a good idea that wraps at 72 characters
  • A GitHub pull request for the changes should consist of a single commit

Social Contributions

We consider social interaction a great compliment, even with it takes the form of a complaint. If you want to call us out on social media, we welcome the opportunity to interact.

Blog/Tutorial Contributions

If you are writing about Supergiant, thank you! We love it when we inspire writers. Please feel free to download and use the Supergiant logo and make screen captures to use in your post. However, nobody is allowed to pretend to officially represent Supergiant or Qbox, Inc. We ask that you please respect the Supergiant licenses and copyrights.